Sausage, mushrooms, and herbs bring this sourdough stuffing to life! A twist on the classic stuffing at everyone's Thanksgiving dinner, this stuffing is filling and full of sausage and mushrooms as well as herbs like sage and rosemary!

– 1 lb Sausage Casings Removed – ¼ cup Butter – 1 cup Onions chopped – 1 cup Celery chopped – ¼ cup Mushrooms Sliced, Cremini or Button – 8 cups Sourdough Bread – 3 cups Chicken Broth Low Sodium – 2 large Eggs – 1 tablespoon Sage Chopped – 1 tablespoon Rosemary Chopped – Salt and pepper to taste


Cut the sourdough bread into cubes and place the cubes on a baking sheet. Bake for 10-15 minutes, until the bread is "stale" and hard.

While the bread toasts, take the sausage out of the casing and add it to a saute pan with the butter. Cook for 5 minutes until the sausage is no longer pink.

Add the chopped celery, onions, and sliced mushrooms to the pan. Cook for another 5 minutes until the vegetables are softened.

 Add the chopped herbs to the pan and mix everything together. Place the bread cubes into a large bowl. Add the sausage and mushroom mixture to the bread cubes and toss to combine.

Grease a 9x13 inch baking dish with butter to prevent the sourdough stuffing from sticking.

In a liquid measuring cup, measure out 3 cups of broth. Crack the two eggs into the broth and whisk well to combine the broth and eggs. Add the broth mixture to the bread mixture and toss all the ingredients to combine. Season with salt and pepper to your liking.