Perfectly Steamed Instant Pot Broccoli

Ready in under 15 minutes, this is a foolproof method to make perfectly steamed Instant Pot Broccoli. Serve this broccoli as an easy side dish for your next weeknight meal.

"Well, that couldn't have been any easier! Thanks for the great Instant Pot instructions. I would never have thought of cooking a plain vegetable in there. Absolute perfection!"

Wash the broccoli head and cut it into similar sized broccoli florets.

Place one cup of water at the bottom of the pot and add the trivet insert or steamer basket to the Instant Pot.

Place the broccoli in the insert. Close the lid and set the Instant pot to high pressure and the cooking time to 0 minutes. The pressure and heat from the Instant Pot coming up to pressure is enough to cook the broccoli to perfection.

Once it comes up to pressure and beeps, quick release the pressure to release the built-up pressure. Once the pressure has been released, remove the lid and serve!

You can use frozen broccoli instead of fresh broccoli. The time and pressure would be the same. Make sure to use a steamer basket as you don't want any of the broccoli falling through into the Instant Pot. 

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