Instant Pot  Asparagus

Ready in under 20 minutes, this Instant Pot Asparagus is a perfect side dish for any weeknight dinner! It's low carb, easy to make, and so full of flavor!

Cut the asparagus spears so they fit into the Instant Pot. Add the olive oil and garlic and mix well.

Add ½ cup of cold water to the bottom of the Instant Pot and close the Instant Pot making sure the lid is set to the sealing position (aka the venting position).

Set the cook time to 0 minutes for thin asparagus and 1 minutes for thicker asparagus on high pressure.

After the cooking time is up, quick release the pressure and remove the asparagus, placing them on a serving platter. Mix with parmesan cheese and serve.

Depending on the size of the asparagus, you may need to increase the cooking time from zero minutes. If you can only find thick asparagus, increase the cooking time to 1 minute.

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