Instant Pot  Shrimp Scampi

An easy and quick dinner to make, this Instant Pot Shrimp Scampi pasta is ready in under 30 minutes and perfect when you are in a rush on busy weeknights!

Chop the fresh garlic and onion into small pieces. Turn on the sauté function and add the butter and olive oil. Add the onion and garlic and cook for 1-2 minutes.

Add the white wine and broth to the Instant Pot. Give the ingredients a good stir.

Break the pasta in half and add the pasta to the Instant Pot and top the pasta with the frozen shrimp.

Cancel the saute function and close the lid of the Instant Pot. Set the cooking time to 3 minutes on high pressure. Natural release the pressure after the cook time is up.

Stir all the ingredients together. Add the fresh lemon juice and one tablespoon of lemon zest. Add parmesan cheese and fresh parsley to the top of the pasta in the bowls.

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