Funnel Cake with Pancake Mix

Homemade Funnel Cake is so easy to make, especially when you get some help from pancake mix! You don't have to wait for the next carnival to have funnel cakes. You can make them right in your own kitchen!

In a large bowl, add all the ingredients. Mix well, but do not overmix.

In a heavy bottomed pot or a cast iron skillet, add 2 inches of oil to the pan and heat it over medium heat until it reaches 375 degrees. Pour the batter into the Ziploc bag.

In a circular motion, pour the batter into the oil. The circular pattern creates that classic funnel cake shape. Cook on the first side for 2-3 minutes or until it just starts getting golden brown.

Flip the funnel cake to the other side and cook for 1-2 more minutes until golden brown. Be very careful when flipping the funnel cake as the oil is very hot.

Remove the funnel cake from the oil and place it on a paper towel-lined plate to remove excess oil. Top with powdered sugar or your favorite toppings.

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