Cheesy Sourdough Crackers

Cheesy, crispy, and a great way to use up that extra sourdough discard, these sourdough discard cheese crackers are full of flavor and easy to make!

Add all the ingredients to the bowl of a food processor. Pulse 15 times until the ingredients come together and form a sticky dough ball.

Divide the dough in half and wrap each half in plastic wrap. Form each dough ball into a disc and place the disc in the refrigerator to chill for at least 1 hour.

After at least 1 hour, take one disc out of the refrigerator. Unwrap it and place it between two pieces of parchment paper. Roll the dough into a thin sheet.

Once the dough is rolled out, cut the dough into the shape crackers you would like. Move the parchment paper to the baking sheet.

Prick each cracker with a fork to prevent puffing. Brush with olive oil and sprinkle with more salt. Bake for 20-25 minutes.

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