Sourdough Apple Cider Donuts

Ready in 15 minutes, Sourdough Apple Cider Donuts scream Fall! They are full of cinnamon, brown sugar, and fresh apple cider! 

– ½ cup Starter Unfed/Inactive – ¾ cup Brown Sugar – 1 cup Apple Cider – ¼ cup Melted Butter – 2 Eggs Large – 2 cups All Purpose Flour – 2 teaspoon Baking Powder – ½ teaspoon Baking Soda – ½ teaspoon Salt – 2 teaspoon Cinnamon


 Preheat the oven to 375°. In a large bowl, mix together the melted butter and sugar.

Add the eggs, starter, and apple cider to the bowl and mix until everything is well combined

Add the flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and cinnamon to the bowl. Mix until just combined. Do not overmix.  It's ok if there are a few lumps left in the batter

Spray a donut pan with cooking spray. Add the batter to a piping bag or a Ziploc bag with the corner cut off and pipe the batter into the donut pan.

When the donuts are fully baked, mix the sugar and cinnamon together.  Brush the donuts with apple cider and roll each one in the cinnamon and sugar mixture.